How The West Was Won

A Garden Tapes feature
by Eddie Edwards

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Bring It On Home

An exploratory wail on his harmonica, and Robert's not happy. "More top!" he barks at the LA sound engineers, who must by now have been wondering whether they were going to get any sleep at all tonight. This has been almost removed from the mix but it can still just about be heard at 0:10.

The audience are next on Robert's admonishment list. "I can't hear ya," he urges them, but there's no trace remaining of this at 0:23.

At 7:01 there's a very small cut of just a couple of seconds, removing a single delicate guitar-drum interplay just before the mayhem that leads back to the main theme.

Thank you for reading this Garden Tapes feature. May I politely suggest, though, that you immediately forget everything above and spend as much as possible of the rest of your life enjoying the greatest live rock album ever released? That's certainly what I intend to do.

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